First release of the China News Inflation Pressures Indices (NIPI)

We have compiled hundreds of thousands of news articles in Chinese to build the first ever NIPI for China. The methodology is the same as other regions and this post recaps the main features.

In a nutshell

The News Inflation Pressure Indices (NIPI) are real-time indicators tracking changes in near-term inflation trends. They rely on scanning through news sources using state-of-the-art language models.

The NIPI reads like a PMI or an ISM: 50 is neutral, above 50 means upside pressures are building up.

China NIPI time series




Headline, Core, Energy and Food inflation

History start



News Inflation Pressure Indices (NIPI), News Volume Indices (NVI) and Raw Entropy measures

Processed Chinese news articles

Total Chinese articles analysed: 759052
Of which, detected as relevant to China inflation: 13670
Average processed daily: 500
Average relevant daily: 10
Unique news sources in Chinese: 877
Sample period 1/1/2018-7/2/2022


Similar to our other NIPI data:

  • CSV file end point
  • Online NIPI visualization app
  • Data released at 10am CET for the previous day
  • No revision

Use cases

NIPI Databases Background Info

Developed economies coverage

Australia, Canada, Euro area, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, US

Emerging economies coverage

Argentina, Chile*, China, India, Mexico, Peru*, South Africa


Headline, Core, Energy, Food, Telecom services**, Wages**


Chinese, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish

First live commercial release (English news)


* Experimental ** Experimental for some countries